For children who are survivors.

The Beginning of Maria’s Safe House

Maria’s Safe House was established in 2012, in Portland, Maine in the offices of ESQ, Steven Whitting. Our board at the time consisted of Dean Ford (CPA) Treasurer, Scott Manthorne (Secretary), Bob McClure Founder/President, and Steve Whitting (Attorney). Since its inception we have built Maria’s Safe House to a place of partnering with many other organizations in this journey, to make it the success it is today. I would like to ask, as you read through this, please consider joining us. We have a few different levels for businesses to partner with us to impact the lives of many children.

Chiclayo & Pimentel HT Task Force (Peru) 
Chiclayo Child Care Services (Peru)
Church of God World Missions (TN) 
Heroes’ Of Faith (Mark Ryan) 
Project Blue Light Scout (Colonel Joe Adams)  
Safe House Project (Brittany Dunn) 
Wellspring Aftercare (Taylor Hendrickson)  

We have built and furnished a home for the girls here in Peru, we have hired tutors to provide an excellent education, doctors off site (who are on call for us) as well as dental care. MSH has been building relationships with local law enforcement and the Child Care Services Department, local churches, and the community. For each of these groups, it has been important to us, to educate and bring awareness of the issue of human trafficking as well as how to identify it.  

While Peru has been our primary focus, the vision of MSH is to be an impact in every Latin country throughout South & Central America, as well as the Caribbean. We have been building relationships in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Ecuador where we now have connections and have plans for future partnerships in these countries.


The Mission of Maria’s Safe House is to provide a loving and nurturing home for children who have been rescued from the evils of human trafficking. We believe each child deserves without question to have and experience the life other children have. We also believe each child deserves to experience love in the way that a father and mother provide through caring for them. 

By the time each child has become a young adult and leaves our program, our goal is that they leave having been healed and transformed into a person who carries a confidence with them that they can accomplish anything, as well as life skills that will help them navigate through life. Most importantly, they walk away from here having the confidence that they can trust people again.


The Vision of Maria’s Safe House is to open a safe home/aftercare program in every South & Central American country as well as the Caribbean. In countries where there are already homes with the same Mission & Vision as MSH, however, lack the necessary resources to operate and serve the children, MSH wishes to come alongside these homes to act as a support and partner with them, encouraging them in through their struggles.  

At the end of the day, it isn’t about the name on the program or who is getting the credit, but rather it is about providing safety and healing to children throughout Latin America. And helping them to overcome their pain and hopefully to be able to return back to their home and families.